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Perfect Kill and perfect thriller

Now THIS is how you make me get into your series and how you make me CARE about your characters. Hello, hello! Today we talk about the perfect thriller, Perfect kill I requested this arc on NetGalley and to my, especially now, fantastic luck, I got it! If you've been reading my reviews, you know… Continue reading Perfect Kill and perfect thriller

Snow white retelling
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Yet another Snow White retelling – mini-reviews

If you read my blog, you know there is one thing I love. Books. Well, actually two things I love. Books and retellings of old classic stories. Today we take a look at yet another Snow White retelling in this mini-review right here. Check it out! Stitching Snow, a Snow White meets Lunar Chronicles This… Continue reading Yet another Snow White retelling – mini-reviews

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October TBR

For some, October means Halloween. For others, it's pumpkin spice frenzy. For me, it's that cliche sweater weather and hot tea and rain and .. did you think I forgot? Books. Books. Hello, hello and happy Wednesday! Ready for a TBR? I always felt sorry for Wednesdays. We hate Mondays, we sober up on Tuesdays,… Continue reading October TBR

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Dark places by Gillian Flynn review

This book is why I don't like detective novels. What's so special about Dark places by Gillian Flynn? Hello, hello! I was telling you some time ago, I think while or around the time I was doing the review for Eternal by Craig Russell, that I didn't like detective stories and the such. I love… Continue reading Dark places by Gillian Flynn review

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To kill a kingdom | a Little Mermaid retelling

Hello, hello! A dark, twisted retelling of The little Mermaid? Sign me up, please! Photo by Joanna Nix on Unsplash Do you remember when you were little and you'd be reading a story wide-eyed, mouth open, heart beating fast, all caught up in the action? Well, Alexandra Christo made me feel like I was 5 again with this… Continue reading To kill a kingdom | a Little Mermaid retelling