Book reviews

Beartown | Scandalul

EN | RO I started reading this book because it was everywhere. Every time I opened Goodreads someone was rating it, reviewing it, reading it.I must confess that the title didn't necessarily attract me but I was getting curious. I went online, got the e-book and started reading. The action takes place in Björnstat or… Continue reading Beartown | Scandalul

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On reading more| Cum poți citi mai mult

EN|RO  Ever since this blog came to be, my friends have been asking me for tips on how to read more. I decided it would be best to write them here so you could use them too  🙂 First of all, don't imagine that I read some amazing amounts of books, my own record is… Continue reading On reading more| Cum poți citi mai mult

Book reviews

Norse Mythology | Mitologie nordică

EN | RO I kinda feel like this year I'm on my way to rediscovering the magic of fairy tales, legends and all those fantastic things. After ending 2018 with Circe and starting 2019 with The bear and the nightingale, I just finished Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman. What got me into reading this book… Continue reading Norse Mythology | Mitologie nordică