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A thriller you should know about : Liar, liar by Mel Sherrat

One kid falls over to his almost death. A youngster is beaten with a baseball bat in the parking lot. The most incredible thing though, NO ONE SAW ANYTHING! Or so they say….

Hello, hello!

We’re one month and a half away from 2020 and I am confident to say that 2019 was the thriller year for me. From Gillian Flynn and Paula Hawkins, Jo Nesbรธ to Helen Fields and the author we’ll be discussing today Mel Sherrat, this year was the one where I’ve discovered my liking for the thriller genre. Let’s move on to the book then ๐Ÿ™‚

Liar, liar. The one book where almost every single person lies

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The good

  • writing. While not perfect, the writing managed to keep me interested, it flowed nicely on the page, it wasn’t too heavy nor too light. The imagery was also really, really good. The book unfolded in my mind just like a movie, everything smoothly falling into place while reading.
  • characters. They were too good for their own sake but we’ll talk more about them at the bad section, sadly. Interesting, promising, attention grabbing, brave and flawed.
  • plot. I think this is what I liked most to be honest. It was interesting and while I could tell what will happen, the details and whys of it took me by surprise. At some point I remember exclaiming “nooo way, whaaat?” while reading. That’s good in my books.
  • story. The story itself is good, I liked the idea of having every one lie and behave in a way that actually I can see happening in real life! I liked how she alternated the present and past and how she slowly revealed the connections between the crimes.

The bad

  • characters. Okay, there’s not anything BAD about them, they are all very promising actually. Which is the problem. They are promising but not delivered, you know? I mean we have amazing characters in the police force, in the apartment building, the negative ones are also really scary.. which is precisely why I wanted to know more about them! I would definitely read a second book or a prequel to get more into this world.
  • repetition. There was unnecessary repetition of elements that were going to be revealed in the future, like let’s say object x. We’re told about object x a thousand times before object x actually coming into play. It’s good to mention something that will be revealed in the future once or twice, but let us have the “ahaaa” moment when you finally reveal it instead of a ” finally!” moment. Trust us readers a bit more. It felt like the author wasn’t sure we were paying attention.
  • some unnatural actions. 90-95% of the actions these characters take are perfectly fine. However, some of them are plain stupid. It’s fine to have one uninspired character but to have 3+ of them.. makes me think you’re altering the plot to get to the story you want to tell, which feels artificial.

The conclusion

Overall, this was a good book. I gave it 4 stars because while it has its weak points, it has enough strengths and I really enjoyed it. Should you cross paths with it, I recommend you read it ๐Ÿ™‚

This book will hit the shelves on the 10th of February 2020 ๐Ÿ˜€

To read more about the author, this is her website:

This is Goodreads’ page of the book where you can read other reviews:

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