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Yet another Snow White retelling – mini-reviews

If you read my blog, you know there is one thing I love. Books. Well, actually two things I love. Books and retellings of old classic stories. Today we take a look at yet another Snow White retelling in this mini-review right here. Check it out!

Stitching Snow, a Snow White meets Lunar Chronicles

This book was OK until it wasn’t. I knew not to expect a masterpiece or anything like this… what I didn’t know to expect was Lunar Chronicles involved.

To give you the idea about this book

Snow White leaves her planet and ends up on another one where the main activity is mining. She puts her robotics skills to use and she’s doing a lot of “stitching” while also creating a new kind of drones – if I recall correctly- who can take over miners’ jobs and so save their lives while also leaving them jobless. Yahooo!

Anyway, a super duper hot guy, because God forbid we have any average looking guy as a main love interest, crashes his ship in the woods ( hubba hubba) and although she isn’t sure whether to help him or not, somehow they end up together on said ship to a whole new planet.

Why so many planets? Let me tell you. When Snow White, called Essie here, escaped her planet, her father started a war with some other guys with superpowers because he was dead sure they had his girl. Over the years, the war became a political tool and it started to involve everyone in the universe. Very politics much complicated.

Long story short, miss Essie will have to decide if she will want to deal with all that much complicated very politics thingy or go back on mining planet and keep fighting men ( hihi, didn’t tell you about this part 😉 ).

Does that sound good?

I really, really enjoyed the beginning. I could empathize with the characters, I liked Essie most of the time, Dane, the lover, was also kinda cute, I approved. I liked the game they had to play and how their position of power continuously shifted.

I liked Essie’s courage and bluntness, I liked her prioritizing… there wasn’t any insta love although there was insta attraction, well.. kind of. Nothing off-putting.

What was really bad?

Not enough context, not enough backstory ( it’s a standalone so what you see is what you get), not enough characterization for the negative characters. They had some personality sprinkles here and there but nothing much and her father …man…her father was a brute and he had something about him so evil and apparently so impactful on Essie’s life… yet we never read more about it. We’re given a hint somewhere sometime but that’s it.

What killed it for me?

I tried. I swear to the sky I tried. I tried not to compare Stitching Snow with Cinder but man… those last pages felt like a copy and paste. This was not Okay. I closed my eyes to the concept, to the space travelling, to the companions, to her activities and skills….but! Nope… it didn’t happen. That ending was Lunar Chronicles to the details.

Recommend or not?

I will recommend you The Lunar Chronicles. Faaar better! If, however, you feel like your patience will never get you through that series ( Cinder had 390 pages while Winter 827), check this one out. It’s not a fantastic book but it will satisfy a craving for a re-telling.

What else I would recommend if you like re-tellings is The language of thorns by Leigh Bardugo.

5 thoughts on “Yet another Snow White retelling – mini-reviews”

  1. I’ve read The Lunar Chronicles, and really enjoyed it! Stitching Snow is on my TBR. I recently decided to keep it on there after reviewing it for one of my Down the TBR Hole posts. I’m sure I’ll probably end up comparing some components of it to The Lunar Chronicles, but I’m curious to see how my opinions will be compared to yours.

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