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The dream thieves review- Raven Cycle #2

How do you review a book you didn’t like? Well, I guess you’re about to find out…

The second book in the Raven Cycle, The dream thieves, stole my time

Hello, hello!

Reviewing this will be hard. Like, really hard. Do you know why? Because this book left me cold. I didn’t hate it and I didn’t like it. It did absolutely zero for me. ZERO.

How do you review such a thing? It’s easy to rave like an obsessed person on drugs about books you love ( check out my reviews for Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom) or hate a book with a passion ( You can’t make old friends) but when it does absolutely nothing for you… what do you do then?

I’ll try to break this book into some like/dislike pieces here so I can explain myself.

Spoilers ahead

The Good

Uhm… I liked it that Adam and Blue finally broke up. It was really unpleasant watching them together while it was more than clear that she didn’t really want it and Gansey really didn’t want it and Adam was getting frustrated for being in the middle of it.

The Gray man was my favorite character. Honestly he was the only one who had some logic behind, that had a real, understandable reasoning behind his actions, that was not a bundle of chaos.

The Gansey+Blue thing came like a sweet relief. I was like Fiiiiiinally, man, what took you so long! The scene was romantic and all but the curse kinda screwed it up. Which I get, it was there from the beginning. But then, check out this cheesy line:

“I wish you could be kissed, Jane,’ he said. ‘Because I would beg just one off you. Under all this.’ He flailed an arm toward the stars.”

Ronan’s father was unexpectedly interesting. I honestly did not expect that story regarding his father and while it did add to the whole thing, for me it maybe raised more questions than explained stuff. Which was annoying.

The bad

Who and what the hell is Kavinsky? I hated him! You want to make Ronan queer? That is more than fine by me, but man, do you need that shithead in the plot?

I do not understand Blue’s aunts. I did have moments when I liked her mom and Persephone, but what’s with the others? And so many things they do are important to the plot but we never dive in enough so they actually make sense. It’s like you’re being caught in a tornado with lots of stuff flying around and you just have to accept that this is what happens when you’re caught in a tornado – I just watched an episode of Life with Louie, the one with the tornadoes, that’s where the whole tornado thing is coming from :)).

Why don’t we talk more about Adam who has a freaking forest inside his head? Why are we making this just another flying thing in that freaking tornado instead of figuring it out and actually talking about it? Was it teen angst? Was it.. what was it?


I did not like this one. Reading my bad section now, I think I really did not like this one. Will I continue reading the series? Yes. Why? Because many complained of the second book but said it picks up in the third and fourth and so I am not losing all hope. At the same time, I really got emotionally invested in these kids in the first book and I want to see them making it to the end.

It’s not the case to talk about recommending this or not. I will only be able to recommend you – or not- the whole series after I finish it because if I’m to talk about each book separately… it doesn’t end well.

I know some of you really liked this book… care to tell me in the comments why? I really want to hear your opinions and views regarding it. If you didn’t like it either, let me know too which parts you disliked and why so we can rant together afterwards 😉

4 thoughts on “The dream thieves review- Raven Cycle #2”

  1. This book might be a great fit for someone else. Who knows? I admire your endurance, but I don’t have time to read books I don’t like. This is a big reason I only accept books through Netgalley now, as well as buy them and borrow from the library. That way I don’t feel terribly obligated to finish.

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    1. Yes, I see your point. I wanted to get though this one simply because I kind of expected it to be bad and because I want to finish the series. Otherwise, I would have DNFed it after maybe the first 20 pages. The library where I live doesn’t have a good selection of books, sadly it only has classics and technical books. It lacks terribly in everything published after 2000s. I recently became a member on Netgalley and I enjoy it a lot!


    1. Thank you for your comment! Yeah, at this point I can’t say that I would recommend them. I normally enjoy YA books but these are kind of stretching my patience and nerves… I will keep reviewing each book and then will take a final stand on whether I recommend them or not.

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