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Six of Crows | a review

It’s dark, it’s gripping, it gives you chills and makes the hairs on your arms stand like electrocuted. You can feel cold drops of sweat crawling down your spine and then… Then, you must get to the end of this review of Six of Crows.

Hello, hello!

Six of crows, my absolute favorite duology in the genre, is finally getting a review!

Today we are talking about the first book of the duology.

It was NOT love at first word. I read this book about two months ago, actually, I listened to it. The narrators were killing the characters’voices and accents. They felt like some overdone ( and very badly at that) russian accents and the male narrators simply crashed the voices for the female characters. It was not a happy beginning.


 I learned to ignore that and so I became unconditionally and irrevocably in love with it.

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Six of crows is by all means a masterpiece.

I cannot understand how Leigh Bardugo came up with it, how is it that she could create such an intricate and complex plot, how she could give life to fascinating and unique characters like Kaz, Inej, Nina, Jesper, Wylan and Matthias.

For those who don’t know what this book is about, I will leave you the link for the Goodreads synopsis RIGHT HERE but basically the idea is this: someone invented a potion, jurda parem, that increases the powers of the grisha, people who have special powers. This transforms them in the ultimate weapon and so there will be many wanting to hunt down the formula. Kaz, an infamous thief, gets an offer to capture Bo Yul-Bayur, the creator and he takes it. The catch is that this person is inside one of the best prisons ever and Kaz needs a team in order to break in…and then break out.

Characters’ review

The author of this artwork is Kevin Wada and you can find more of his work right here

You may feel like I get stuck on characters in this review and you are not wrong! They are the best written characters I read in a very long time! Remember how much I loved The Bear and the Nightingale, how I loved the characters?Well, this is better!

We have the most diverse characters you could ever imagine! From body size and shape to skin color and sexual preferences, from the serious one who can’t take a joke to the one who wouldn’t take his death seriously. They are all there and they are real and raw and uncovered.

The relationships that form in this book are none easy! We are given people who struggled with death, being sold as sex slaves, who are hunted for what they are, hiding their identities out of fear, living lives without knowing the why behind their actions and some having literally no one to turn to. There are no special snowflakes among them. They DO NOT have it easy. And they learn to love in spite of their differences, they learn to overcome the obstacles between them, they get to know themselves and where lays their loyalty.

Plot review

Source: WeHeartIt

I don’t even know where to start! The amount of action this book has is simply indescribable. And what is even more outstanding is that there are no unnecessary scenes or events. Everything is beautifully tailored into the perfect plot! The speed is also perfect, the action moving on at just the right pace that you can both comprehend the details and not get bored or lost in them. It also alternates a lot. I remember that in the beginning I was struggling a bit because of the narrators but then there would be scenes where the action picked up and I would be immediately brought inside the story.

World building Review

This, together with characterization, are Leigh Bardugo’s strengths at least in this duology. It’s not just that you know when they are in place X or place Y, but you can understand and feel the transition from place X to place Y. How often does that happen?! I could always transfer myself on location and it never felt fake. Also, let me tell you that there is quite a lot of traveling in this book and they go from Ketterdam, based off Amsterdam, to Fjerda, which to me felt like Siberia or somewhere along those lines.

Author’s introduction

I need to stop talking now or else I will write my own book talking about the Six of Crows haha, and so I will let Leigh Bardugo present to you the main point of her book in this suepr short YouTube video 🙂 Enjoy!


What I want you to understand is that I do not re-read books. Maaaaaaybeeee I will re-read them in another language to see the difference ( only did this twice in my whole 25 years of life) but I do not do that.

Knowing this about me, I will tell you that not only will I re-read these books in Romanian, but I already ordered the collector’s editions in English and I will read those too!.

So… what do you think? After this review, do I recommend Six of Crows? Do I ? I will let you answer that question.

If you read this book, let me know in the comments what you thought about it! I really want to know what’s your take on it. If you haven’t read the book:

  1. what the hell are you waiting for?
  2. let me know which book made you feel like this book made me feel?

17 thoughts on “Six of Crows | a review”

  1. Awesome review! 😀
    I have heard that a lot of people love these books… but fantasy is not one of my favourite genres, so I’m not keen to read this author, even though your review is great 🙂


  2. OK, wow! You’ve definitely convinced me that this series is worth a read. I’ve definitely struggled with Leigh Bardugo’s writing in the past but this series sounds amazing. Worth a shot for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yaaaas! So happy to hear that! This series is the only one I read from Leigh Bardugo so I don’t know much about her other writings… I just started The Language of Throns this morning and I am already 42% done.. I actually enjoy it. Which books gave your troubles? I know many people found the Grisha series to be not that great…


  3. I’m so glad that you enjoyed it!
    I really loved Six of Crows but I must admit to not having read the sequel yet!
    I’m sorry!
    I am definitely looking forward to rereading Six of Crows so that I can read Crooked Kingdom!
    – Emma


    1. Oooh, definitely do that! The review for Crooked Kingdom will be online today and just by reading it you will see the extent of my love for the series =)) It is a very…unusual, let’s say, review :)) I struggled whether to write or not a disclaimer saying I was not drunk while writing it. Decided to not write it and let people have fun :))

      Liked by 1 person

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