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The secret life of a book blogger tag

Hello, hello!

I’ve seen this tag on Stephanie’s blog, Adventures of a bibliophile . It seemed a fun thing to do for a Friday evening so here we go πŸ˜€

How long have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging since the 4th of January πŸ˜€ That would be 6 months.

At what point do you think you’ll stop blogging?

I can’t see a moment in my life when I would decide to stop blogging. I can see reasons I wouldn’t post as often but give up or stop? I really cannot think of that.

What is the best thing about blogging?

The community, no questions asked. On a second place it would be the fact that it makes me think more about my reading, think about why I like something, why I don’t.

What is the worst thing? What do you do to make it okay?

Probably the lack of time. I try to take my own advice, haha, and do all those things I tell you to do in my reading tips posts.

How long does it take you to make/find pictures to use?

Hmm.. it really depends, it can take from 3 hours to 20 minutes. I am sometimes away from home when the light is perfect for pictures so when I catch a free day, I take as many pictures as I can which can be time consuming.

Who is your book crush?

I’ve never really had book crushes but if I were to point out a character that stood out for me, that would be Mr. Darcy. Also, now that I think about it, Victor, a character from a romanian series called CireΘ™arii.

What author would you like to have on your blog?

Oh, wow, this is a difficult question. My all time favorite author is Haruki Murakami so I would love to meet him. However, I think I would just sit there and stare, unable to make up a sentence… he also doesn’t seem the chatty kind :)) So probably Katherine Arden. I admire her so much and I would absolutely love to have the chance to talk with her.

What do you wear when you write your blog posts?

I usually write my posts sitting on my couch, wearing the comfiest stuff available. That mostly translates to a pair of leggings and a camisole or T-shirt.

How long does it take you to prepare?

It really depends. My English only reviews take about an hour while my bi-lingual reviews can take one hour and a half/ two hours. The other posts go around two hours. Editing, checking grammar and spelling can take a lot more.

How do you feel about the blogging community?

The best thing about blogging πŸ™‚ It taught me the basics of blogging, it taught me the first steps, it was there with recommendations, reviews, encouraging comments… I wouldn’t be blogging today if it weren’t for it.

What do you think one should do to create a successful blog?

They should be honest. Honest to themselves and to the readers. Just like in reading we comment on a character’s voice, your own voice can be felt through your posts. It shows when you are rushed, when you are writing that post just because, when you’re not passionate about what you do. As someone in the blogging community said, the world doesn’t need another blog. The world needs you.

Here it is! I really enjoyed answering these questions and I must say I am curious what some of you would answer πŸ™‚ I won’t tag you, but if you feel like taking this tag, please do πŸ˜€

10 thoughts on “The secret life of a book blogger tag”

      1. What a pretty name! I’ll call you that, if you don’t mind. It’s afternoon where you are and night here, so I’ll say have a great evening! Keep reading! 😊


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