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Goodreads’Reading Challenge so far: wins

Hello, hello!

Last time we saw each other we talked about the fails of this year’s reading challenge, books I had expectations from and they let me down.

Now, however, we will talk about the wins! The books that left me speechless, teary, books that I want to re-read ( and I never re-read books) or simply books that I really enjoyed in spite of not being marvelous.

This is a long post so let’s get started 😉 !

#1. Circe

Oh, my love for this book hasn’t lessened with time. The full review is linked to the title. A book about a woman shunned by her own family, filled with magic, hope, vengeance and love.

#2. Zuleikha opens her eyes | Zuleiha deschide ochii

This is by far my favourite stand alone book I have read not just this year, but probably in the last five? I am in love with it and Zuleikha is still my favorite female character. Reading it, I came from feeling protective over her, as if she were my sister, to feeling the outmost respect and love. If she were real, I would leave everything and fly to Russia only to tell her this.

Also, I made my mom read it and now she just won’t shut up about it :)). Link to the full review in the title

#3. Beartown | Scandalul

Another outstanding book that I can’t believe I left unread until this year. Touching powerful themes and telling the story in the most raw style, this book challenges you. It portrays characters in all their flaws: does that mean that they are inherently bad? how do you connect what they seem with what they are? From teens to married couples, no one escapes the author’s eye. Link to the full review in the title.

#4. The night circus | Circul nopții

I stayed up until 4 am to finish this one. Enough said. Link in the title.

#5. City of Stairs | Orașul scărilor

While I wasn’t the happiest with the ending, this book is an adventure from start to finish. It’s part of a series but since the other books are not translated yet in Romanian, I didn’t read them. When I start a series in a language, I like to finish it in the same one so I will wait a bit more. However, I recommend it 🙂 Link in the title to the full review.

#6.The Winternight series

My all times favourite series. I have no words to describe the connection I felt with Vasya, the beauty of the world describes, the wisdom in this trilogy.

Here you have the full reviews for each book

#7. The All Souls Trilogy

I didn’t get to read the last book yet but somehow I have no doubt that I will like it! This was also my favourite series to review – you will understand why if you check my reviews 😉 Here they are:

#8. The invisible library | Biblioteca invizibilă

Recent read, not amazing, has quite a few flaws but you know what? I enjoyed it. I was a bit unsure whether to put it here or not since I did say in my review that I won’t go around recommending it. However, the good in it was good enough for me to consider it a win 😀 Link in the title to the full review.

#9. holding

Graham Norton’s book surprised me. I love Graham, I find him a fascinating person but I didn’t expect him to deliver a quality book, you know? I mean – and i know i am rude by saying this – I don’t necessarily expect celebrities to deliver great work in a field in which they don’t actively work. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know, let me know. Anyway, the point is that you should check it out. I have a full review, as always, linked to the title so you can read more about it.

#10. The Travelling Cat Chronicles

The book that made me go hug my chinchillas and call grandma to ask about my dogs and cats. If you love animals, if you have pets then this book IS WRITTEN FOR YOU! Full review at the link in the title. Check it out, please.

#11. What we talk about when we talk about love | Despre ce vorbim atunci când vorbim despre iubire

A collection of short stories, this book takes us through all the meanings of love..or does it? I mean, what is love after all? I liked every single story in it. I wish we had this in school too, I would have loved to talk with my teacher about it and see what my other classmates would have had to say about it. Full review in the title (WARNING: I posted that for Valentine’s Day, be prepared for a very pinkish review :)) )

#12. The kite runner | Vânătorul de zmeie

I did not review this one yet. Why? I can’t bring myself to do it. I will, eventually, but not now. I think I read this one sometime in february but the pain is still raw. Khaled Hosseini simply knows how to get straight to my heart and the topic here is a sensitive one for me since I used to work with children in the social care system, children who’ve gone through many difficulties in their lives. All I can say is read it. It’s worth the pain, the sadness, the tears.

Thank you for reading! I know this was a bit long but I wanted to share with you these books. It was also a great experience for me to remember every single one of them and how they made me feel. It also reminded me why I read, why books matter so much to me.

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19 thoughts on “Goodreads’Reading Challenge so far: wins”

    1. Oh my, I just realised I didn’t mention the source! Thanks for the question, I would have totally missed it if it weren’t for your asking.
      No, sadly it is not my library 😦 . I wish it were though, I absolutely love it.

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  1. This is a lovely post ❤️ I’m so glad you’ve read so many so many books you love this year! The Winternight trilogy, Circe and The Night Circus are all such beautiful, magical gems. They’re the kind of books that remind me why I adore reading too.

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