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Goodreads’ Reading Challenge so far: fails

Hello, hello!

Time’s precious and scarce, right? Reading, especially, is an activity that can’t be done while multitasking, not by everyone at least (hats off to you who can) and, let’s be honest here, it takes time.

For this year, my Goodreads Challenge is 70 books. So far, I’ve read 40 and I am super happy with it. I did find some amazing books, books that I have been recommending like crazy to everybody. Not all of them were good though. Through some I dragged my feet, others I really didn’t like and some … some I didn’t even finish.

I don’t want you to waste your time reading the same books I read and now regret. Not all of them are BAD but when your time is precious you don’t want to waste in on everything jumping in your way.

I will share with you the books I’ve read so far this year and I think you should avoid.

To be avoided:

#1 Orbi, Petronela Rotar

I will do this in Romanian since it’s only found here.

Deși încerc mereu să găsesc ceva bun de spus despre cărți, aici nu reușesc. Nu mi-a plăcut dialogul, nu mi-au plăcut personajele, nu mi-a plăcut subiectul. Poate sunt eu demodată, dar genul de relație din carte și mai ales reacțiile celor doi implicați m-au lăsat rece. Dacă măcar nu introducea clișeul acela de „daddy issues”, dar evident că a fost acolo. Am citit-o în întregime pentru că vreau să citesc și autori români, am vrut să îi dau o șansă, cine știe, poate urma să mă prindă la ultima pagină. Nu a fost așa din păcate.

#2 the princess saves herself in this story

I already reviewed this one here . It was a big NO for me.

#3 Go the F*ck to Sleep.

Again, huge no. I am no parent so I don’t understand the frustrations of parenting but this book did not even amuse me…or any other parent I showed it to. There’s a fine line between humor and psychotic behavior and this one crosses it.

#4 Ikigai. The japanese secret to a long and happy life

Big talk, weak delivery. See the complete review right here.

#5 Among others ( Printre ceilalți)

Now, this was NOT precisely bad. It just didn’t give me anything to like. It lacks background and while I appreciate all the great names in fantasy literature mentioned here, the story was lacking. I will come with a review for it since it seems to be quite known.

#6 We are never meeting in real life

Guys, I tried. I really, really tried. But I couldn’t. If I knew the author in real life, I would avoid her. I wouldn’t like being friends with her at all. Some people and personalities just don’t go well together. I pushed through everything but finally gave up when animal cruelty became something she took pride in. Well, honey bee, we part ways here.

#7 The proposal

Again, this was not necessarily BAD but it just felt so weak. So many clichés, stereotypes, forced diversity... I’d skip it. Even as leisure reads there are much better options. See a more detailed review right here.

Obvioulsy, I won’t leave you on a sad note 🙂 The next post will be the MUST READs I have discovered so far in 2019!

I originally planned to do both here but then I saw just how many great books I have to tell you about and I decided to give them their very own post :D.

What about you? Which book do you think I should avoid ? Did you read anything you regret or wouldn’t recommend somebody else?

5 thoughts on “Goodreads’ Reading Challenge so far: fails”

  1. I would very highly recommend staying away from the selection if you aren’t good at keeping with a series with heaps of motivation. It seems to drag after a few books, and you end up finishing it just so you can say that you did :/

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  2. Nice list! Apart from Ikigai, I do not know any of them – which is now a good thing, I suppose 🙂 I am surprised about your reaction to Ikigai. That is interesting – I have seen the book around bookshops and always thought I needed to read it.


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